How Are Concrete Foundations Supposed to Be Poured?

Poured Concrete Foundations? Check This Out

The majority of the homeowners and business owners prefer using concrete for a number of applications. Some of them are poured concrete foundations. Such a project takes time, effort, and precision. But how does it have to be executed?

  • Cleaning. As you can imagine, this is the essential stage of each construction project. The land where a contractor will pour concrete must be swept and cleaned from all sort of debris, junk, and other outer objects. This also includes grass, trees, shrubs, roots, as well as old pieces of concrete.

  • Depth. Now is the time to prepare the ground to install the footings of your foundation. A reliable and experienced contractor will consider the depth needed for this task. For any standard project, usually, three feet depth into the soil is required. At this stage, professionals will perform demarcation and prepare the sub base of the selected area.

  • Digging. Now a concrete contractor will use heavy machinery to dig the land to the set depth. Basically, a backhoe is used. After that, grading and leveling will be executed.

  • Re-bar for the footings. Once the ground has been dug, it is time for experts to place re-bar for the footings. This is very important because the quality and stability of the sub base determine the strength and durability of the whole structure. The re-bar or wire mesh will be installed manually equidistant from the base.

  • Pouring concrete. This is the real deal. Professionals will pour the right ratio of cement, sand, and water into the mold. If the don’t prepare the right combination of these substances, the finished concrete will compromise your building’s stability. They will pour the right quantity until it is tied with ground level. While it hasn’t dried yet, it has to be smoothed with a hand float. You are good to go.

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